Building a practical wardrobe

Time has been flying by, but I’ve been trying to keep up the sewing and knitting. I’ve taken a bit of a break from knitting, after a knitting marathon to produce the Waterfall Cardigan in March/ April. However, I did start on the Loftus shawl while on a family vacation recently. I’m using Llyr yarn, from A Hundred Ravens, which is a beautiful fingering-weight silk/ wool blend. Pink seems to be the color of the year for me (or maybe 2 years!), and this yarn features lovely tonal variations from light pink to dusty rose (but more on the dusty rose side).


In other news, the jacket for my mom’s birthday was a major success. She loved it! Here she is:


I have to give a shout-out to the McCall’s pattern company. I contacted them about a seam that was off by about 0.5” in this pattern, and they responded promptly with a promise to fix it. Fantastic customer service!

On to more recent stuff—I’ve decided to be a bit more practical with my sewing and make things for every-day wear, rather than cocktail dresses for special events. I’m a fabric magpie, I’m always drawn to pretty dresses in shiny fabrics. But I need pants, and tops, and dresses for work/ daytime wear. I’ve recently been working on the Flint pants from Megan Nielsen, using a linen from (it’s from the IL032 line, in color “raisin,” which is an apt description for the brownish-purple). I’ve attached the waistband since taking this picture, but still have to place a hook and eye closure at the front, and hem the bottom (ignore the bulge at my left hip, that’s where the closure will be. I didn’t get the pin in quite the right spot). The pants fit just fine (I took out about 1.5” from the circumference), but they’re a little high-waisted for my liking. Nothing wrong with the pattern, it’s just that I wasn’t expecting them to fits as they do. Nevertheless, I’m expecting to get a lot of wear out of these. I’m aiming to have finished pictures for next time!


More recently, I finished the Ansa Dress from Named Patterns. The dress was a pleasure to sew, and went very quickly. I used a rayon challis that I had purchased during a Craftsy sale this winter. I’m thrilled with the fabric/ pattern combo. The rayon was very slippery to work with, but the end result was worth the trouble. The pattern has 6 small pleats at the waist for shaping, and large butterfly sleeves that drape beautifully in the rayon. This one also needs a hook and eye closure (in back), and lots of loose threads finished off.


Up next might be some home-dec, which I’ve never done before. I’m hoping to have curtains, and perhaps linen bedsheets, for our upcoming 5-year wedding anniversary!


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